Ceilidh Calling - Links
Ceilidh Series
Sheffield University Ceilidh Society A student society in Sheffield that runs fantastic ceilidhs.
Great Western ceilidhAn Exeter based ceilidh series run by members of Great Western Morris. I've even managed to make it down to one of their ceilidhs, they have a nice floor to dance on.
The phoenix ceilidhsRisen from the ashes of the Wigan ceilidhs, the phoenix ceilidhs are alive and well.
Stroud Ceilidhs A ceilidh series based in Stroud.
Mumpers A ceilidh series based in Derby, involving John Stewart in it's organisation.
Ryburn 3 Step A great ceilidh series in Brighouse North Yorkshire. They have realy great local crowd, and a fantasic dance floor. If you live near or around that area you check this ceilidh series out.
Manchester Ceilidhs Manchester now has a new ceilidh series, it's intended to be focused a the younger student market, all are however welcome. This series has a greate atmostphere and is greate fun to call.
Dance resources
Martin Kiff's Webfeet A Large site that contains all sorts of details about events, bands, dances, and most other things folk related.
Thomas Green Thomas Green's web site contains alot of useful calling resources, dances, notes for callers, even information on insurance.
Mr Red Mr Red's site mostly contains lists on Events in the Gloucestershire area, but he also has a callers tips page.
Ceilidh MorA Socttish Ceilidh band.
DerwennaSheffields finest Anglo-Welsh Ceilidh, with a good selection of self-penned tunes, as well as some great collected tunes.
GlowormsA fun bunch from London, who make great music and are great fun to work with. They are just one of those bands you would just love to call with more often.
Hekety One of the better known bands on the eceilidh scene, their music has a large amount of drive that makes dancing to them a true pleasure.
JabadawJabadaw play folk dance music in a contemporary style. Most of their repertoire comes from the English and French traditions, with a small (but growing) number of self-penned tunes.
RandomA great band to dance to, from the south of England.
TrinculoWhile you may not known about them yet, I am sure over time they will become one of the most well known of bands on the eceilidh scene.
Sidmouth The one and only Sidmouth fetstival
Towersey The Towersey Village festival, is a relaxed festival run by Mrs Casey (the poeple who used to run sidmouth). I've aways enjoyed going to Towersey, it seams to have quite a different feel to a lot of other festivals that I realy enjoy.
Chippenham Last year I went to Chippenham for the first time and I loved it (the late night sessions on the campsite where fantastic) so I'm going back this year as well. If you happen to go do check out the Trinculo ceilidh.
Sheffield Festival A new festival featuring some of Sheffield's best tallent, and others from around the country
IVFDFThe longest running festival of it's type in the UK (yes it's been running longer than Sidmouth), this festival is unique in the fact that it's not held in the same place each year. In fact this festival is organized each year by a different committee, at a different University. Whilst mostly aimed a University students this festival is open to all, and is usually one of the more lively festivals.
Personal Interests
The Urban Chicken I've now started keeping chickens, so I started the urban chicken web site. The urban chicken is a wiki containing information about keeping chickens in a urban setting.
The Camper Van conversion blog I've started converting an old Merc Sprinter van into a camper van. I've been blogging it's progress etc in case any one is interested, I think the number of people interested might be quite small but someone thinking of doing the same thing may find it useful.