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IVFDF 2003

I'm a well established ceilidh caller, working out of Sheffield. I got into calling through Sheffield Ceilidhsoc and I've been calling for Ceilidhsoc and for others ever since. These days I call at a variety of events, from small private functions, to regular ceilidh Series and folk festivals. If you are thinking of organising a Ceilidh (for a Wedding or Party etc) I can normally arrange a band for you (calling@ceilidhcalling.co.uk).

I've had the pleasure of working with a number of great bands over the last few years,Blackbeard's Tea Party, Hekety, Monster Ceilidh, Ceilidhography, Jabadaw, Gloworms, Trinculo, Derwenna, Pepper in the Brandy, This way up, Whapweasel, Random, Mawkin, Boldwood, Monsieur Pantin, The John Dipper Band.

About this site

The main use of this site is to serve as a useful collection of usable dances and calling resources. When I first started calling I tried searching the web for stuff I could use, and while there were quite a few good resources out there, a lot of the material out there was terrible (un-danceable dances etc). So after being persuaded that I needed a website I thought a bit about what contents I should put up , after all bands can put up mp3's of their tunes, but an mp3 of me calling would be a tad daft ("right hand star etc"). After some thinking I decided that I should put up the kind of content I was after when I was looking for calling resources. Thus the site you see before you was born, it is my hope for this site that other people will provide dances and suitable calling material and that it becomes more of a community effort, rather than just my site.

With the idea of seeking out site contributions, I've created a system whereby callers can create themselves a login to this site, and then add dances, notes about dances, tunes that work well with different dances etc. Over time I might even add some form of discussion forum to the site. Of course I would also welcome any suggestions of other information that should become part of the site.

Nice things people have said...

"Brilliant first night of the season last night with Derwenna and John Brown calling plus a great audience. If you get a chance to dance to Derwenna - do it! They were fabulous - so much energy, great tunes, great playing and John matched the tunes with great dances."
Pete Coe

"Absolutely fabulous. We definitely want you back again next season. Superb!"
Alice Jones Ryburn 3step

Contact details

About the site website@ceilidhcalling.co.uk

Booking Details

E-Mail address calling@ceilidhcalling.co.uk
Telephone number 07017418950


Date Details
Title : Missing Dances
It was pointed out to me that the dances page had broken. That's now fixed, so anyone can access the dances again.
Title : Fun with file permissions
Well it seams due to an rpm update on my server re-owning some files, the cached version of this site (which most of you see) was some what older than the version I've been editing. So for those of you who read this site (oh you lucky few) you'll find a few of the dance have updated, and some other small changes (my thanks to Michael Barraclough who spotted the problem).