Date Details Band Location Start time
23/2/2018 IVFDF Sheffield 2018 Melrose Quintet Sheffield 8:30pm
13/1/2018 Whittlesey straw bear festival. This way up Whittlesey 8:00pm
7/10/2017 Derby folk festival Outlandish Knights Derby 8:30pm
6/5/2017 Holmfirth folk festival Hekety Holmfirth 8:30pm
23/8/2014 Shrewsbury Folk Festival Blackbeard's tea party Shrewsbury 8:30pm
13/7/2014 Ely Folk Festival Blackbeard's tea party Ely 8:30pm
10/5/2014 Holmfirth festival Monster Ceilidh Holmfirth 8:30pm
9/12/2012 Monster ceilidh Monster Ceilidh Band 8:30pm
7/12/2012 Sheffield ceilidhsoc Christmas ceilidh. This ceilidh always gets me in the Christmas mood, and we even have some guest callers during the evening. Ceilidhsoc scratch band The Edge 8:30pm
4/12/2012 It's Manchester time again, it's one of my favourite ceilidh series, with one of my favourite bands, and it's not far off Christmas how good is this night going to be !! The Monster Ceilidhband Manchester Ceilidh 8:30pm
24/11/2012 Poynton Ceilidhs with excellent trinculo. Trinculo Poynton 8:30pm
10/08/2012 Broadstairs Festival Monster Ceilidh Broadstairs 8:30pm
27/7/2012 The Kendal Calling Festival The Monster Ceilidh Band Kendal, Cumbria 22:30
4/6/2012 The Dorchester Festival The Monster Ceilidh Band Malmsbury Rings 16:00
17/04/2012 Manchester ceilidh Mouse's Nest Manchester 8:30pm
9/3/2012 Ceilidhsoc ceilidh The Outlandish Knights The edge 8:30pm
2/03/2012 Ivfdf Friday night ceilidh. Monster Ceilidh Aberdeen 8:30pm
24/02/2012 Ceilidhsoc ceilidh Ceilidhsoc 8:30pm
10/11/2011 A ceilidh with Blackbeard's Tea Party Blackbeard's Tea Party Leeds 8:30pm
21/10/2011 Bollington Walking Festival Ablireo Bollington Civic Hall 8:00pm
16/10/2011 Fresher Ceilidh TBC TBC TBX
16/10/2011 Warwick folk ceilidh Aardvark Warwick 7:30pm
14/10/2011 Water aid Ceilidh. Tickets available on the door, in aid of the Charity Water Aid. The Monster Ceilidh Band The Edge 8:30
10/07/2011 Isle of White folk festival Monster ceilidh band Isle of White 8:30pm
8/7/2011 Priddy Folk festival Monster ceilidh band Priddy 08:00pm
6/5/2011 Ceilidhsoc ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band The edge 8:30pm
19/04/2011 A privte ceilidh Cadelan Derby 7:30
16/4/2011 Poynton ceilidh's end of season ceilidh. Monster ceilidh band Poynton Civic Hall 8:30pm
8/4/2011 Ceilidhsoc ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band The edge 8:30pm
27/03/2011 Welldressed band Welldressed band Broomhall centre 8:300
25/03/2011 Ceilidhsoc ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band The edge 8:30pm
10/3/2011 Manchester ceilidh Monster Ceilidh Band Manchester 8:30pm
4/02/2011 Ceilidhsoc ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band The edge 8:30
9/12/2010 Manchester Ceilidh Monkey Box Manchester Ceilidh 8:00
24/09/2010 The introweek ceilidhsoc ceilidh. The edge, Sheffield 8:30pm
18/9/2010 Ryburn Ceilidh Albireo Ryburn 8:30pm
24/7/2010 Scarecrow Festival Cadelin South Killingholm 8:30pm
12/06/2010 The end of year ceilidhsoc ceilidh TBA Loxleys 8:30
30/04/2010 Beer festival glory blokes sheffield 8:30pm
23/04/2010 A public ceilidh with Sheffield CeilidhSoc A Ceilidhsoc Sratch Band The Edge 8:30pm
12/03/2010 A public ceilidh with Sheffield CeilidhSoc Ceilidhsoc scratch band Loxeys 8:30pm
3/3/2010 Manchester Ceilidh Manchester Students Union 8:30pm
26/02/2010 A ceilidhsoc Ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band Loxeys 8:30pm
7/02/2010 Mumpers Ceilidh Cadelin Mumpers Ceilidh Derby 8:30pm
27/11/2009 CeilidhSoc Ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band Loxeys 8:30pm
30/10/2009 Sheffield ceilidhsoc Halloween ceilidh Glory Strokes Loxley's food court 8:30pm
16/10/2009 Sheffield Ceilidh Soc Ceilidh. Ceilidhsoc scratch band Loxley's food court 8:30pm
10/10/2009 International Student festival Ceilidhsoc scratch band Sheffield 9:30
19/6/2009 Provisional Gig Well Dressed Band 8:30pm
13/06/2009 A Civil partnership ceilidh. Maerlock Manchester 8:30pm
16/05/2009 I'll be calling at Shepley Folk festival this year. Check out Mabon Shepley Folk Festival 12:30pm
16/5/2009 Ryburn 3 step with the fantastic boldwood. Boldwood Ryburn 8:30pm
8/05/2009 Charity ceilidh Manchester 8:30pm
1/05/2009 Sheffield Ceilidh Soc - I'll be running a callers workshop as part of this ceilidh, there will also be a chance for people to get up a do a bit of calling. Scratch Band Loxey's Sheffield University 7:30pm
26/03/2009 Manchester Ceilidh Outlandish Knights Manchester Met Sudents Union 8:30pm
13/02/2009 Ceilidhsoc Post Exams Ceilidh Cadellin Loxley's 8:30pm
21/01/2009 Burns night gig Bolton 9:30
22/11/2008 Poynton Ceilidh Boldwood Poynton 8:30pm
8/11/2008 Sheffield CeilidhSoc Ceilidh. Scratch Band Croft House Settlement, Garden Street, Sheffield 8:30pm
1/11/2008 The Sheffield festival Saturday night ceilidh. I'll be calling at the Sheffield festival this year. Cadelin Burton Street 7:30pm
6/10/2008 NFU Ceilidh Derwenna Tadcaster 7:30pm
4/08/2008 Anchor gardens ceilidh Sidmouth 4:30
15/06/2008 A public ceilidh at Mumpers. Fish N Taters Mumpers 8:00pm
17/5/2008 A public ceilidh organized by Ryburn 3 Step. Monsieur Pantin 8:30pm
25/04/2008 Sheffield ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band Sheffield 8:30pm
14/03/2008 CeilidhSoc ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band Croft house 8:30pm
1/03/2008 I'll be calling at the IVFDF 2008 display ceilidh. IVFDF Band Sheffield 2:00pm
23/2/2008 The bell ringers ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band 23/02/2008 8:30pm
20/2/2008 Manchester ceilidh with Yitzak Gypsy Band. Yitzak Gypsy Band Manchester Ceilidh 8:30pm
3/2/2008 Muppers Ceilidh, public gig. TBC Muppers Derby 8:30pm
26/01/2008 Sheffeild U Ceilidh TBA Sheffield United 6:30pm
14/11/2007 Manchester Ceilidh, a public event at one of the UK more lively ceilidh series. Boltwood Manchester 8:30pm
12/10/2007 A Public CeilidhSoc Ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band Croft House Settlement, Garden Street, Sheffield 8:30pm
29/09/2007 Ceilidhsoc Intro Week Ceilidh. Scratch Band (Jez Cope, Tom Wright, Cait Leach, Nigel Homes, Jim Moray) Sheffield 8:30pm
20/09/2007 Student Ceilidh Roger the Badger York 8:30pm
8/9/2007 Sheffield weekend of dance ceilidh. As part of the weekend of dance there will be a ceilidh on the Saturday for all the dancers taking part. Unfortunately it's not open to the public, as I thought. Roger the Badger Sheffield, Burton Street 8:30pm
07/7/2007 Skipton Step Festival Derwenna Skiption 8:30pm
4/5/2007 Loughborough Town Hall John Dipper Band with Karen Tweed Loughborough Town Hall 7.30pm
28/2/2007 Manchester Ceilidh YGB + Quaternion Jabez Cleg 8:30pm
24/2/2007 Bell ringers ceilidh Ceilidhsoc scratch band Hotel 8:30pm
5/2/2007 It's that time of the year when we all take a trip to the Mumpers ceilidh. Derwenna Derby 8:00pm
27/1/2007 A Public Ceilidh more details to follow. Derwenna Croft House Settlement, Garden Street, Sheffield 8:30pm
16/12/2006 I'll be calling at the Broseley Ceilidhs, with the ever impressive All blacked up. All Blacked Up 8:30pm
18/11/2006 Sheffield Contra, on the 18th I will once again be calling at the Sheffield contra, so come one come all, it should be fun. Vertial Expression Sheffield 8:30pm
23/9/2006 Intro Ceilidh Random Sheffield 8:30pm
26/04/2006 As a last min change of plan I'll be calling once again at the Manchester ceilidh. Unfortunetly Mr Bearon is un-well so is unable to call as advertised. Polka Express Manchester Ceilidhs 8:00pm
3/02/2006 The end of exam ceilidh kicks ceilidhsoc off to a great new Year with Random. Random Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind 8:30pm
21/01/2006 Ryburn 3 Step Ceilidh's Derwenna Ryburn 8.30pm
2/11/2005 I'll be calling once again at the Manchester ceilidh, with the excellent Trinculo. Trinculo Jabez Clegg, Manchester 8:30pm
01/08/2005 Sidmouth LNE. I will be calling at the Monday night LNE with Little Johny England. Little Johny England Sidmouth Festival 11:30pm
03/06/2005 Sheffield Festival build up contra/ceilidh. In the months running up to the festival weekend a series of events are being held to raise awareness of the festival and to give an insight into the kinds of events that will run at the festival. Vertical Expression Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind Hall 8:00pm
10/03/2005 Leeds University have started a new ceilidh series. This will be the second ceilidh in the series, it apparently got off to a fantastic start with Hekety (I unfortunetly could not go as I had a gig some where else), and the second in the series looks like its going to be a great night with the fantasic Trinculo. Trinculo Leeds 8:00pm
14/01/2005 A last minute change to the program means I will be calling at The phoenix ceilidhs. Derwenna Golborne, Lancashire 8.30 pm

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