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Dance name Cornish six hand reel
Duration of Dance 64
Difficulty Medium
Set Type Line of 3 couples (6 hands)
Tune Type Polka
Author John Chapman
Count Descrption Duration
1-8 As a line of 6, take 8 steps down the hall, balance twice (4 kicks), and turn round 8
9-16 Take 8 steps back up the hall, balance twice 8
17-32 Turn the face your partner, Reel of six 16
33-36 Right hand turn your partner 4
37-40 Left hand turn your partner 4
41-44 Two hand turn your partner 4
45-48 Do-si-do your partner 4
49-56 All take your partner in a prominade hold and double cast left, with the top couple forming an arch 8
57-64 All under and swing 8


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