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Dance name Witches reel (Original Version)
Duration of Dance 48
Difficulty Medium
Set Type Longways 4 couples
Tune Type Jig
Author Tony Slinger
Count Descrption Duration
1-8 Join hands in lines and balance right and left twice Men raise arms to make arches and lines cross over changing place with partners 8
9-16 Repeat A.1 to place with women making the arches 8
17-24 Women Thread the Needle 8
25-32 Men Thread the Needle 8
33-40 Top couple gallop down the middle to the bottom of the set, the other couples moving up. Second couple the same. Third couple the same (Note fourth couple do not gallop) 8
41-48 All swing partners 8


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The creation of the dance as e-mailed to me by it's author. I used to call regularly with a...
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