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Dance name Rosa
Duration of Dance 32
Difficulty Easy
Set Type Single couple
Tune Type Waltz
Author Gordon Potts
Count Descrption Duration
1-4 Press palms together with your partner, sway to the mans left then right, the man then turn the women under (they end the women with their backs to the men with arms crossed over the front). 4
5-8 As a couple chassey 4 to the left 4
9-16 Chassey 4 to the right, sway left, sway right. The women then turn out again. 8
17-24 Hold right hand with your partner, blance in and out, then change places (the women passes under). Repeate again. 8
25-32 Take ballroom hold, chassey 2 times to the man right, and then 2 left, then waltz around for four. 8


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