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Dance name Muffin Man Jig
Duration of Dance 32
Difficulty Easy (includes clapping)
Set Type Big Circle
Tune Type Jig
Author Unknown
Count Descrption Duration
1-8 All couple gallop 8 steps in and out 8
9-16 All the men form an inner circle facing out, while the women form and outer circle facing in. All circle left then find a new partner 8
17-24 The clapping part:- Clap your Knees with both hand twice, Clap Right hand to your partners right hand twice, Keens twice again, Clap left with your partners left hand twice, then Keens, Right, Keens, Left, Clap both hands together with your partner, then behind your self, then behind your partner. 8
25-32 All swing 8


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Subject Body
Likes and dislikes Some people hate clapping dances, and...
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